HSWV Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering, we can design a schedule that suits you.

Please contact Lynsey Allie, 540-982-5465 or info@vahistorymuseum.org.

General Opportunities

  • Gift Shop
  • Admissions Desk
  • Gallery Docent
  • Transcription

Opportunities are available for various days and shifts. Typical shifts are 3.5-4 hours.

Archives Volunteers

The Historical Society has an exciting project to digitize collections and make them available online. Volunteers are needed for either computer or non-computer tasks. Training is provided, the time for which varies with the assignment chosen and the prior experience of the volunteer. Some volunteers work from home on certain projects.

Sampling of Current Needs

• English majors or people with the skills needed to write, edit and correct descriptive text in the digitized records
• History lovers to assist with organizing, abstracting and transcribing old documents
• Detectives and puzzle-solvers to study old photographs, make missing identifications and add corrections to the digital project.
• Bookworms to catalog books and other media and to update the card catalog.
• Readers to abstract and index the Society’s past Journal articles.
• Culture mavens to research items from the museum’s collections of clothing, tools, and other historical artifacts, and to enter records of objects into the computer database
• Would-be museum curators to help design Virtual Exhibits (online versions of museum exhibits)
• “Old soldiers” and their fans to work with a fascinating collection of Civil War letters
• Students of economics, roads, maps and just about any other human endeavor to process early business ledgers, turnpike records, maps, etc.
• Helpful people to answer queries from the public (minimal research involved)
• Camera buffs, train lovers and visual image people to clean and organize Roanoke Times negatives or record Link’s photographs and archives




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