OWL and History Museum of Western Virginia – Education

Educational Programs through the O. Winston Link Museum and the History Museum of Western Virginia meet Virginia’s Standards of Learning.
Programs are available year-round and can be adapted for any length of time or multiple sessions.
All programs are available as outreach or in-museum workshops.

“Hootie” the O.W.L.
Pre-School – First Grade
“Hootie” the OWL brightens up any classroom as he helps children explore the colors, shapes and sounds around us everyday. Hootie’s lessons are adaptable for any Pre K through First grade class and will cover the required SOLs for Visual Arts, Math and Geometry, History and Social Science, and English and can be adjusted to fit any time frame. Come play with Hootie as we learn through crafts, games and O. Winston Link images, discovering how shapes, colors, and sounds contribute to our daily lives and staying safe around the rail road tracks.

History and science of Photography (STEM programming)
Adaptable for grades 3-8 and any time length
This 1-4 Session series will cover the history of modern photography and the science that produces a photo. We will begin our journey with the camera obscura and discuss how the light light and images are reflected from mirrors, then travel through history creating sun-prints, and our own pin hole cameras, learning what goes into developing film and how modern photographic process. We will end in modern times with digital photography, discussing how digital cameras work and how modern technology has changed photography.

Link’s stories
English/ creative writing programs
Adaptable for grades 3-12
This program begins by taking a look at O. Winston Link’s journals from the N&W project. We will talk about how keeping a journal allowed Link to create great stories and connections through his pictures. We will then take a look at some of Links images, students will look carefully and think critically to create their own stories to accompany the images.

Adventures in Photography
Grades 3-12
This multiple session workshop gives students a chance to learn and create with digital cameras. Each class we will discuss different aspects of photography and composition and then go out and put these theories in to practice. After each session students will receive contact sheets of their images.