“Raymond Loewy” Exhibit – Ongoing

In September of 2006, the O. Winston Link Museum opened its newest gallery, Raymond Loewy, Designer For A Modern Era, in the former N&W Passenger Station. This exhibit chronicles the life and career of industrial designer Raymond Loewy. Loewy, known for streamlined, modern designs was heralded for his work on the Pennsylvania Railroad Locomotives: T1, S1, and especially the redesigned GG1. Working with Pennsylvania Rail Road led to his relationship with the N&W and the overhaul of the Passenger station in the headquarters city of the Norfolk and Western.

Removing the heavy brick facade and replacing it with a sleek glass and metal front created a more open station. Throughout the 1948 and 1949 renovation, changes were made to allow more efficient flow of people and use of space. Decorative elements were incorporated as in the terrazzo flooring with the N&W emblem and a compass rose imbedded in the flooring. The high, domed ceiling was enhanced to use the natural echo for calling trains from a central location.
Modern in the 1940s and modern still today, the Raymond Loewy Gallery uses the building to relate Loewy’s work to our visitors. Incorporating a short biographical film done by Loewy’s daughter, the gallery covers many elements of this great man’s work and career, but with a focus on the transportation fields.

Designer for a Modern Era is a free gallery and is open seven days a week from 9am to 5pm.